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EMC2 can provide the full range of testing and balancing, commissioning, re-commissioing, sound and vibration testing and energy analysis for your new or existing facility.  The deliverable to the client takes the form of a certified report showing all readings, adjustments and final results.

Testing and Balancing

  • Air Flow
    • Adjustment of air handling units, fans and
      packaged equipment
    • Setting dampers within ductwork, diffusers and
      air handling equipment
    • Programming of controls and verification of
  • Building Envelope Testing
    • Blower door test for Energy Compliance
    • Smoke testing for infiltration identification
    • Thermal/Infrared Thermography
  • Water Flow
    • Adjustment of pump speed and flow control
    • Setting of balancing and control valves
    • Programming of controls and verification of
  • Sound Measurement
    • Multiple octave band and A and C-weighted level
    • Source identification
  • Vibration Measurement
    • Multi-frequency testing
    • Source identification


  • Functional Testing
  • Operational Testing
  • Control System Programming
  • LEED Certification Methods
  • Blower Door Testing for Building Leakage
  • System Training and Supervision


  • Existing Building System and Utility Analysis
  • Full Commissioning on Current Equipment
  • Identification of Faulty Items
  • Re-programming of Control System to Current

Energy Analysis

  • Computer Modeling for Cost Analysis and LEED Commissioning
  • Life Cycle Cost Analysis
  • System Modification Design




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