EMC2 uses the latest equipment and software to perform our tasks with the highest quality.  All of our equipment is calibrated annually as per manufactuer's and NEBB requirements.

AiRNAB - Wireless handheld recording devices that upload readings to a common file that is assembled into the official certified report.

Flowhood - An air flow reading device that encapsulates the discharge and exhaust from registers and grilles.

Sonic Flow Meter - A fluid flow reading device that uses sonic waves so that no pipe port or penetration is required.

Tachometer - A device for measuring rpm on fan and pump shafts.

Manometer - This measures pressure in ducts and pipes to determine pressure losses and flows.

Fluke - Electrical measuring device for volts, amps, frequency and harmonics.

Pitot Tube - This device is inserted into ducts to determine static and velocity air pressures.

Rotating Vane Anemometers - These meters measure air velocity, air volume, and temperature in imperial or metric units. The 4-inch head automatically averages velocity and volume readings, making them essential tools for measuring unevenly distributed or fluctuating flows through heating and cooling coils, extract grilles, and registers.

Orifice Tubes - Another type of flowmeter with an orifice plate within, the fluid flow is measured through the difference in pressure from the upstream side to the downstream side of a plate of a known diameter. The plate obstructing the flow offers a precisely measured obstruction that narrows the pipe and forces the flowing fluid to constrict, where pressures and velocities are measured on both sides.

Blower Doors - This apparatus seals a door opening and pulls a negative pressure on a room or building to
determine leakage rates and locations. Energy rating criteria require this test.

Duct Air Leakage Testing equipment

Thermal Imager - Used to identify insulation effectiveness, building thermal leakage and temperature gradients on a variety of surfaces.

Sound Meters - A carefully calibrated audio device that measures and records sound frequencies and decibel evels in raw form as well as in A and C-weighted categories. This also measures and identifies waves of movement, or vibration, to identify problem
equipment and building construction issues.



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