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Energy Management and Control Corporation was founded by Professional Engineers with the intent to provide a full service of engineering analysis and technical expertise while analyzing, testing and adjusting the complex HVAC systems that were quickly developing.  This was in addition to cutting edge energy use and alternatives such as biomass, cogeneration and solar heating.


Our team continues to strive to perform our services with this professional perspective and heritage to provide your project the best possible outcome.

Our Team

Bruce Corbin, P.E.

Phone: 785-233-0289

Email: bcorbin@emc2corp.net


Bruce is a licensed professional engineer that has been with EMC2 for 34 years and been instrumental in seeing the company progress and prosper. With a background in engineering design his working knowledge of systems brings technical expertise to each project.

Darrin Godfrey, TAB Supervisor

Office: 785-233-0289

Mobile: 785-230-3038

Email: dgodfrey@emc2corp.net


Darrin has 23 years of experience in this field with EMC2 and has attained his TAB Supervisor certification and currently manages and schedules the teams of employees who are in the field. He also works with owners and contractors to assist in a complete understanding of today's complex systems.

Susan Williams, Office Manager

Office: 785-233-0289

Mobile: 785-249-5007

Email:  swilliams@emc2corp.net


Susan has been with EMC2 for 18 years and is in charge of payroll, accounts payable, accounts receivable, field reports, statements, project maintenance, assisting in scheduling & commissioning reports.


Estimating Team

Darrin Godfrey, Vice President  estimating@emc2corp.net

Bruce Corbin, President  bcorbin@emc2corp.net


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Energy Management and Control Corporation

6600 SW 10th Avenue

Topeka, KS 66615

Hours:  M-F 7:30 to 4:30


Phone: 785-233-0289

Fax: 785-234-3751

Email:  dgodfrey@emc2corp.net 



Scheduling & Project Management:

Darrin Godfrey, NEBB Certified Professional

Email: dgodfrey@emc2corp.net

Quotes for a project:

Darrin Godfrey, Bruce Corbin

Email: estimating@emc2corp.net


Questions on projects or invoicing:

Susan Williams, Office Manager

Email:  swilliams@emc2corp.net

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